Jono Castiolol Interview on Corporate Internet Branding

Online Corporate Branding Strategies with Jono Castiolol

Interview with Jono, Brand Strategist at Castiolol Media, a new startup

Do you want to learn about corporate internet branding? Do you wish to discover the essential strategies that promote brand loyalty: wowing customers with appropriate and memorable interactions, in turn driving repeat custom and financial growth? Employees are a critical stakeholder, but how do you create an internal branding structure that reflects necessary relationships of trust, while promoting business goals? With more business news and financial information being delivered direct to your financial and influencer audiences over the internet, how do you ensure that your online brand equity supports economic performance?To what extent do you participate in ‘the conversation’ that is taking place between brands and your stakeholders? Are you an active guardian of brand awareness, brand recognition, brand recall, brand loyalty or brand equity?
Hundreds if not thousands of your stakeholders are looking to the internet for information about the types of products or services you offer every day – but do they notice you? Are you differentiating your brand favorably online from your competitors?The world of brand and corporate communications, and particularly internet branding, is changing at lightning speed. Have you ever asked yourself “how can I keep up and stay sane?” Surely there must be a way to get ahead? You take pride in your work and want to do it to the best of your ability. Isn’t it nice when you are so well equipped to do your job that it’s reflected in your salary?

Perhaps you’ve just been given responsibility for internet branding as part of a wider role. Maybe you are struggling to adapt established branding theory to the web, and it’s just not working. Or has your boss just thrown you the internet branding ball and is trusting you not to drop it?Let me introduce myself. I’m Jono Castiolol. I’ve successfully driven corporate and marketing communications programs internationally for many household brands over the last 12 years.

For example, I’ve represented Compaq/Hewlett Packard, Motorola, British Telecom, Oracle plus directed the brand naming, logo design, and launch for the big brands worldwide.

In my work over the years, both in-house and with several leading communications agencies, I’ve helped companies to manage, evolve or build brands to achieve their goals, and to thrive in their competitive environment. It’s not always been easy as, like you, I’ve had to steer my way through ever-changing goals, limited resources, and needed regularly to juggle multiple jobs and skill sets simultaneously. More recently, I was invited to join the management team of a ground-breaking agency, Sound Strategies Limited, that helps companies to harness sound and music as an integral part of their corporate identity. Emotional branding, and the application of sound, in particular, has been widely ignored but is fast becoming adopted as one of the strongest tools in the internet branding toolbox.But my business success has also been built upon a solid academic foundation. I spent five years gaining first a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, followed by a master’s in Public Relations (since then I’ve never stopped learning!). Despite this, if you’re like me, you’re frustrated about the enormous amount of data that and have to dig through every day to spot those little glimmers of a useful nugget of information you are looking an answer for.

How do I build brand awareness, create a memorable and engaging corporate identity, and harness measurable online brand equity, to drive real-world success for me and my business?

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have too much to get through during a day’s work? Like me, I’m sure you are always juggling tasks, skill-sets and roles (and that’s not just at work!). Wouldn’t it be a relief if you could find an excellent resource that would give you some control over at least one important responsibility, freeing up your attention other priorities elsewhere? You need to get on top of internet branding quickly, not only to do the right things but do things right – the first time!In my day-to-day work, I see many branding and corporate identity colleagues running fast to do their day jobs while trying to figure out the impact that Web 2.0, changing social behavior, and the internet will have on their jobs. If this sounds like you, then you will be looking for a clear path through the challenges of corporate internet branding.

That’s why I’ve combined my years of learning and experience with current detailed analysis to find an answer to the question: If the Internet does change everything, what do you need to do about it today?

I’ve developed a concise and easy to implement the plan for success in internet branding that you can obtain in the next few minutes to cut through the hype. I’ve written a short e-book called ‘Essential 2016 Internet Branding Strategies’ you will find the answers you are looking for, in one place.

In the ebook, I am explaining what actions you need to start taking today to drive your competitive advantage resulting in increased profit, prestige, and protection of your most valuable asset. I’ll also offer an easy to follow framework to cutting through the jargon of corporate internet branding.

The Ebook has been distributed so far only through departmental and local media, but it will be published soon on a larger scale.



Stefan Stankovalocivi – Research Review

Stefan Stankovalocivi – Computer Stimulation Research

In this section, briefly are represented areas that author Stefan Stankovalocivi learned during the studies, for which author considers as the foundation and good use in solving different business problems, especially in improving the business and organization, and integration of quality systems. Items represent the essential elements of the author’s portfolio, which are further described and demonstrated in the menu on the left. Simulation in business decision-making through the help of computers is a process of solving problems concerning the determination and prediction of the future state of business systems and business processes, all based on the study of a computerized model of the system or process since the experiment on the real system is impractical, too expensive or impossible.

Therefore, computer simulation, in its basis has a model of the scheme. The system is a device or process that exists or is planned, such as production facilities, distribution networks, some research process and the like. The obtained information is then used in the decision-making process. The goal of the simulation is to study the behavior of a system or process that we are simulating, but also to establish how that same system should behave when it is affected by another set of variable circumstances. In portfolio, simulation section, is all of the material and explanations (for now, only available in Serbian), whereby author’s skills and simulation possibilities in dealing with individual business and social problems are demonstrated. Information systems for management support business intelligenceIS for management support, or business intelligence, refers to a group of information technology, organizational rules as well as employees knowledge and skills, joined in generating, recording, integration and analysis of data with the aim to reach the required knowledge for decision making. The author here focuses primarily on information systems that are similar and complementary to standard information systems and are designed to support, mainly business decision-making processes. Essential elements of these IS are data warehouse (knowledge base), the analytical and transactional processing of these data and the user interface, i.e., software that allows all of that, with additional and powerful functionality. What is realized using these systems, through software, represents the detection of legality in the data, and the conclusion based on the cases. In a portfolio, I.S. for support management section, is all of the material and explanations, whereby author’s skills and business intelligence possibilities are proven. The article covers the development and analytical processing of the data warehouse (OLAP technique), and also work and examples in the Clementine and Expert Choice software.

Mathematical programming – Operations Research
Mathematical programming represents an essential discipline of management, based on mathematical formalism, which is used for the improvement of management functions in the organized systems. In the portfolio, Mathematical programming section is all of the material and explanations, whereby author’s skills in this area are demonstrated. There is a mathematical model of a particular business problem; that is a formulated by the author, and also reports received from the Lindo software.

The author chose to highlight here, only items that can substantiate with specific documents, i.e. Original papers, from areas which author mastered during studies.
And that are 1) Original paper in the field of entrepreneurial business 2) Original paper in the area of skills and techniques of business communication and 3) Original paper in the area of e-business.

Also, there are many more areas of the organization and business that author cannot currently present in a documented form, but which may offer as part of his portfolio.

These are the areas that the author analyzed while studying and mastered, and which relate to (managerial) accounting and finance, financial markets, business economics, cost management, investment and project management, statistics and other.